Infrared For Networks? Don’t Get Me Started!

In the noble quest to get rid of wires and save the world’s copper deposits from extinction, many technologies have contributions to make, depending on the distance, data rate and the direction of the communications that you want to establish.

For long distances or low data rates, cellular telephone and packet radio technologies are serious candidates. If the communication is one way, from a central source to multiple receivers, then broadcast technologies like FM sideband and television video-blanking interval are available.

None of these make much sense, however, over short distances — say, within a room. They’re all overkill, subject to interference, and none of them will agree to stay confined

Diabetes: Silent Killer

Barbara Clayton just didn’t feel right last year. At first, the 43-year-old teacher from West-minster, CO, was fatigued and constantly thirsty. When her vision became blurry, she finally saw her doctor. who said her symptoms–including a sudden and effortless weight loss–pointed to diabetes “I never once suspected.” says Clayton, even though her sister and two aunts also had the condition Clayton’s story is far from unique Approximately 16 million Americans have diabetes, and roughly half of them don’t know it Below, answers to the most frequently asked questions about this chronic and potentially fatal disease:

What exactly is it?

Diabetes affects the body’s ability to produce or respond to insulin–a crucial …

Selenium Rocks

Selenium is good in moderation!

Selenium is good in moderation!

First came beta-carotene, then vitamin E. Now. it’s selenium’s turn in the diet and disease-prevention spotlight–thanks to new research that suggests that taking high doses of the mineral can prevent certain cancers.

A just-completed ten-year study, conducted by the Arizona Cancer Center, involved 1,312 men and women with a history of skin cancer (either basal cell or squamous-cell carcinoma). Half were given a supplement of 200 micrograms (mcg) a day, and half took a placebo. Neither the patients nor the doctors and nurses following them knew who was taking what.

While selenium didn’t keep subjects from getting new skin cancers, it did protect them from …

OCD: A Scary Place To Be

I was obsessed with imaginary dangers. What if I hit someone while driving? What if I set the house on fire? I thought I was going crazy. . .

I was driving home from work one evening in October 1994, when a bizarre thought suddenly seized me: What if I hit one of the neighborhood children without realizing it? I tried to reason with myself. Did I even see a child on the road? No. Did I feel a thump ? No. Hear anything unusual ? No. Yet the thought wouldn’t go away: What if I’ve hurt or killed a child? I frantically turned the car around and retraced my route, …

Recovering My Mom’s Computer Hard Drive

My mother called me last week and told me that her computer broke and she couldn’t out what was wrong with it. I told her I would come over to figure out what the problem was. I am pretty good with computers, which is why she called me first. I quickly found out he computer broke down due to a hard drive failure. I told her that her hard drive failed and that I would perform a mac hard drive recovery. I told her it shouldn’t take any longer than three hours. I learned how to fix mac computers when I was in college.

I took a class on how …

RAID 10 Recovery Tips

RAID 10 recovery can usually be carried out even without involving a technician. There are some DIY tips which can be used to help you recover the data which you had stored in this array. Sometimes, the loss may be occasioned by a failure of the controller. If this is the case, you may try to have the disks connected to its identical controller. Creation of disk image files is also said to be a step in the right direction when in the need to recover data. This is especially important if you wish to prevent any data loss if you had mixed up the disks. Should the controller start up …

Asked a Friend to Help With Hard Drive Recovery

I was able to get to get my dad to help fix my computer. It was having problems and I couldn’t figure out what was wrong with it. As I was watching a video on my iMac, the computer just went black and I wasn’t able to turn it back on. I took it to my father and he told me it was a hard drive failure. He said that he can do a mac hard drive recovery and fix it that night. My dad has always been good with computers, which is why I gave it to him to fix it. I bought a new hard drive from Circuit …

Comic Books In France Just “Part Of The Culture”

If French comics can be said to have started more than a century ago (with Becassine, the simple country girl, or the pretentious Fenouillard family, drawn by Christophe, and Herge’s hero Tintin celebrating his 70th birthday this year), the modern comic book in France owes its current status to the new talent and new publishers that appeared in the 1960s, who found a new market in the social and political counterculture that created the May 1968 revolution. At least this is what Greg Fallon, president of BA Comics thinks.

goodoltintinJust as the 1968 revolution was, like the 1789 one, as much a bourgeois as a working-class affair, so the readership of

Dealing With A New Career

I quit my day job in 1991. Since then, I’ve had economic incentives that go with my urgent need to put words down on paper: The more I write, the longer the wolf stays away from my door. I stared out as a full-time free lancer with two novel tracks and a short-fiction track; that went to three novel tracks, then three novel tracks and a short-fiction track, and finally to four novel tracks.

I'm a Sci-Fi freak!

I’m a Sci-Fi freak!

I’m lucky in several ways. First, I happen to be able to write very clean first-draft copy; if I couldn’t do that, my way of doing things wouldn’t work at all, and some

Why Freelancers Are Starting To Lose Ground

At the newspaper where I work, we recently had a spirited discussion about freelancing for other local publications. (In the newspaper world, “spirited” means a discussion that stops just short of throwing chairs at each other. Merely cursing and impugning your colleagues’ parentage is considered a “friendly” debate.)

Are writers as extinct as this typewriter???

Are writers as extinct as this typewriter???

The newspaper has no problem with its employees writing for national publications (such as this one) and other periodicals that clearly don’t compete with the newspaper for readers. But defining “local competition” can be tricky. At spirited issue was whether journalists on our staff should be permitted to freelance for the local weekly alternative newspapers and